Crazy Offers At Restaurants Right Now!

For those who are busy running around their lives between home and office need to find some time in between to fill their stomach too! 

You might not have enough time to sit down and eat relaxed, but there are so many drive-in restaurants that can give you food packed so that you can have them at your workplace. 

What is more important than time? Of course Money!

If you could get offers and discounts daily at restaurants, you need not worry too much about spending too much outside for food.

That is why we are here to help you find out which restaurants offer what discounts right now!

1. Wendy’s 2 for 5:

Wendy’s offered this 2 for $5 promo and gained so much positive feedback from its customers. . Basically, you get 2 main dishes at just $5 in their lunch menu. You could choose any two from Sandwiches and Nuggets for just $ 5.

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2. Subway Sub of the day:

Sub of the day is a great concept – you get one particular sub sandwich at low cost on a daily basis. These subs cost you only $ 3.50 and the sub sandwich could be anything on a particular day. Each day of a week has a particular sub for this slashed price.

To know more on Subway Sub of the day, visit here.

Apart from this, you get 15% off on any footlong subs on any online orders.

3. Sonic Half priced Drinks:

This is an evergreen offer you can get at Sonic. During their Happy hours, you get half priced drinks and slushes and that is well known. 

But what you may not know is that through mobile order, you can get half priced Cherry Limeades and Mango Blue Coconut Slush. 

You may know that they offer half price cheeseburgers every Friday after 5 PM, of course only through mobile orders. 

4. Hardee’s $5 Meal:

Your lunch gets easier with Hardee’s. Get your lunch meal at just $5 where you get a main item, a small drink and a small fries. So, what comes as the Main dish?

Big Cheeseburger or a Hot Ham & Cheese or a 3-pc Chicken Tenders

5. Del Taco $2 value menu:

Del Taco is getting into serious business right now. At just $ 2, they offer several items like three $1 Crispy Chicken tacos, Cheese Burritos, Chicken Rollers, Doughnut Bites, Three layer Queso Nachos and min shakes. There are also several other items in this value menu.

6. Dairy Queen’s $6 Meal:

Yet another value Meal menu, this time from Dairy Queen. You get the Cheeseburger meal for just $6 and this meal consists of a Cheeseburger, regular sized Fries, 21 oz drink and a small Sundae. 

Apart from this, you can also grab a 3 pc Chicken strip meal for just $ 7.

7. Bojangles’ Cheese Biscuit:

The Pimento Cheese Biscuit now costs you only $ 1.79. Not just this, you can also choose SOuthern Biscuit and Fried Chicken Chain. 

Apart from this, you can grab a sausage biscuit for just $ 2.