5 Best Bourbon Cocktails That You Will Love To Drink!

Bourbons are completely American, both by law and by emotions. These whiskies are sweet, corny and every way likable either by going neat or in a cocktail.

Have you ever tried a Bourbon Cocktail? It gives you a unique experience that you will never forget or give away.

For the best cocktails, you need the best bourbons, obviously!

Any best Bourbon brands like Jim Beam or Maker’s Mark which are Straight Bourbons would do good.

You can even try Blended Bourbons like Breckenridge or Texas Ranger.

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On the other hand, there is this other American Whiskey, which is not bourbon but a Whiskey nevertheless. It is Tennessee whiskey. Cocktails with Tennessee whiskey are popular too, like the Jack & Coke, the simplest of all.

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Bourbon & Berries:

What happens when you mix Bourbon with bitters? Yes, you get the Old-fashioned. But when you add strawberry-vanilla syrup, you get the Bourbon and Berries. Not bitter, not sweet, this cocktail is a nice balance of flavors and taste and definitely likable.

Ingredients: Bourbon, Strawberry-Vanilla Syrup, Angostura Bitters

Vanilla Bourbon:

Have you tasted Tamarind Syrup before? What a mix of sweet and tangy feeling! When you add tamarind syrup along with Vanilla Liqueur in a Bourbon drink, you get Vanilla Bourbon. A definite crowd favorite in your house party.

Ingredients: Bourbon, Vanilla Liqueur, Tamarind Syrup, Club Soda


This cocktail is a caffeine version of the Manhattan drink. When you add coffee liqueur and Orange bitters to the bourbon drink, you get Revolver. A nice name to this drink as it straight up shoots inside you and will leave you boozed.

Ingredients: Bourbon, Coffee Liqueur, Orange Bitters

Hot Toddy:

A hot cocktail for you to try, if you haven’t tried before. This one mixes Bourbon with Hot water, sugar and lemon juice. An unconventional mix but worth trying nevertheless.

Ingredients: Bourbon, Hot Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice

Brown Derby:

The last one is another conventional cocktail with Bourbon. All you need to do is mix Honey syrup and grapefruit juice with bourbon and your drink is ready.

Ingredients: Bourbon, Grapefruit juice, Honey syrup